Prefect Team

This year our senior prefect team consists of William Urquhart, Erin Jones, Ben Stainsby, Lucia Savage, Juel Choppy-Madeleine & Amy Mustarde. (left to right)

Prefects undertake a whole school role:

  • Lunch and break queue duty

  • Key Theme Lead

  • Mentoring some of our young people by supporting them emotionally, socially and academically

  • Organise school fundraisers

  • Liaise with the local community

  • Attend whole school events

  • Attend parent council meetings

Our prefect programme is pivotal to the ethos and day-to-day running of the school. Their role has evolved over time and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Senior Prefect Team

Lucia Savage - Head Prefect

I'm Lucia Savage and I'm a head prefect at Millburn Academy this year. My main hobby is Drama and I volunteer at the Crown Community Cupboard each week. This year I’m also one of the chief editors at Milburn's newspaper WHAM alongside Louis Cooper. One of my goals for the coming year is to make school as exciting as possible, especially after the last couple of years. Expect a lot of fundraising days! As a prefect team, one of our collective aims is to help younger pupils and to make the school a comfortable and safe space. I'm looking forward for this year to really start on this and I hope we can get back to a more normal school experience.

Erin Jones - Head Prefect

Hi, I’m Erin Jones and I'm one of the head prefects at Millburn Academy for this upcoming year. Some of my interests include playing squash and basketball. I volunteer at the Inverness Tennis and Squash Club every Saturday morning, teaching children how to play squash. One of my aspirations for this year is to bring people together and make the school a welcoming place for every person. I am excited to carry on developing the previous prefects' ideas while taking on board new ideas and making them a reality.

Juel Choppy Madeleine - Depute Head Prefect

Hey, I’m Juel Choppy-Madeleine, deputy prefect for the session 2021/22. As part of my deputy prefect duties, I'll be leading the Digital Welfare team, promoting the efficient and safe use of electronics. My interests include Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Drama. Post-secondary school I plan to study to become a physician, but in the meantime, I look forward to working alongside the other prefects to improve the school community

William Urquhart - Depute Head Prefect

Hi, I’m William Urquhart and I am leading the Mental Health key theme group and I am looking to improve the treatment of mental health illnesses throughout the school and reduce the stigma and accept that mental health is a common illness among people. I enjoy Maths, Physics and chemistry and outside of school I play lots of football for Ross County’s U18s. After school, I look to study medicine or potentially play football full time but for now, I look forward to carrying out the current plans with the team.

Amy Mustarde - Depute Head Prefect

Hey I’m Amy, one of the deputy prefects this year. My favourite subject is P.E because I love sports especially netball and running. One of my main responsibilities is running the sustainability group at Millburn which is aiming to make Millburn a better place for both the people and the environment! We hope that all the students feel that the prefect team is friendly and approachable and if there’s any questions, ideas or suggestions - let us know!

Ben Stainsby - Depute Head Prefect

My name is Ben Stainsby and I am leading the Equality and Rights group. Our key aim for this group is to promote acceptance and make everyone, no matter who you are, feel welcome and comfortable within and throughout Millburn Academy. I am very interested in subjects such as Physics and Maths and recently attended Strathclyde Space School. Outside school I am very active in the Highland hockey club, coaching the primary school teams and playing in the Men's squad

Digital Welfare Team

Mental Health Team

Sustainability Team

Equality & Rights Team

Prefect Update : October 2021