Guidance Teachers

Our Guidance department is highly committed to promoting and supporting the physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of all of our pupils in Millburn Academy. We play an integral part in the progress of pupils’ learning, forging positive relationships between teachers, pupils and parents/guardians to ensure the best outcomes. We maintain close partnerships with associated agencies, giving enhanced support to pupils when required with a focus on early intervention using the Getting It Right For Every Child framework.

Our team consists of the following Principal Teachers of Pupil Support (Guidance) who are each associated with a House Group. Pupils remain in the same House throughout their time at Millburn and keep the same Guidance Teacher from S1 to S6. Guidance teachers at Millburn also teach all their house pupils Core Personal and Social Education once a week.


Mrs Mairi Campbell Farraline

Mr David Simpson Moy

Mrs Sandra Patience Garth

Mrs Kerry Russell Ashie

Mrs Suzy Mackenzie Ruthven

For more details on our partnerships, enhanced support structures, successes & achievements and next steps see below:

Standards and Qualities Report 2019-20