Ruaridh Arrow
Favourite Subjects:
Modern Studies and Geography
After studying politics and international relations at Kings College London and Glasgow University, where I worked on my student newspaper, I trained as a producer at Sky News, before making documentaries at Channel 4 Dispatches and National Geographic. I went on to be a senior producer at BBC Newsnight, travelling to breaking international stories. I now work as an Executive Producer of an investigative news team at NBC News in London, where we use satellite imagery and a range of new technology to uncover human rights, disinformation and climate stories.
Garry Spence
Subjects Studied:
Maths, English, Music, Geography, Computing, even a bit of cooking
Would've loved to do Modern Studies but this wasn't available to us at the time. Biggest bit of advice to anyone is to do a language and do it well! We did French but we spent most of the class time messing about and driving our teacher up the wall. My biggest regret is not learning a second language.
I was already a volunteer at the local radio station from around 3rd year and was lucky enough to get my first full-time contract the day after my last exam. I was at MFR for a couple of years before continuing my on-the-job training in England before returning to the central belt in Scotland in 2007. My radio show is syndicated across Scotland and will now be on MFR from Jan 2021 so it will be great to be 'back home' in a sense.
My general advice is to get your qualifications, regardless of whether you think they apply to your chosen career path. You'll realise as you get older that you don't know as much as you think you did at 18, so listen to teachers, it needn't just be a subject they teach you.