Anna McDonagh
Subjects Studied:
National 5: Maths, Accounting, Physics, English, Graphic Communication, French, History, MusicHigher: Maths, Accounting, Physics Chemistry, English, Graphic CommunicationAdvanced Higher: Maths, Music, Graphic Communication
I decided to study Actuarial Science at Heriot-Watt University, as the campus was lovely and the subject is a mix of Maths, Statistics and Accounting which made it extremely interesting!
I spent a summer in London working at a large insurance company which was a great experience.
I graduated in 2020 and now work as a Trainee Actuary at a Pensions Consultancy. The work is different every day and I’ve already made great friends within my team!
Rachel Davidson
Subjects Studied:
English, Maths, French, History, Geography, PE, Music, Chemistry, Physics
I studied Chemistry at University. I enjoyed it but it was hard. I would make different choices if I was able to go back and do it all again. I knew very early in my degree that I wanted to become a Chemistry Teacher.
Since I graduated, I worked as an IT service desk agent for Wipro for a year and now I am a full time adviser at the Citizens Advice Bureau in Inverness which I love more than anything.
I am currently applying to do a PGDE in 21/22.