Making subject choices

What to consider when making subject choices for S3, S4 and the senior school.

  • Your current attainment in each of your subject areas

  • How much you enjoy each of your subjects

  • Your personal hobbies and interests- do any subjects relate to these?

  • Your career aspirations/goals- what subjects will lead you towards these?

  • Future economy growth sectors- are their specific sectors that are likely to grow over the next 10 years and will this influence your decision making?

Who do I need to talk to about my options?

  • Subjects teachers- find out from them what they feel about you taking their subject as part of your options. This is a mandatory part of the process before submitting your final choices

  • Parents/carers- discuss everything through at home and explain your own thoughts and feelings

  • Guidance teacher- they will discuss and analyse your current attainment along with your subject potential and career aspirations (ensure your pathway planner is up to date)

  • Careers advisor- they are in a strong position to help support you with your subject choices directly related to your career aspirations. More information can also be found at

What not to do

  • Take a subject because your friends are taking it

  • Take a subject because you think it will be easy

  • Take a subject because you like the teacher you had previously- we cannot guarantee you will have the same teacher

  • Submit your choices as soon as possible because you think that will guarantee you a space- as long as you submit your options via the google form before the deadline we will do our best to get everyone their first choices.