Broad General Education

Our BGE phase begins in S1 and will come to an end during S3. This end point for BGE will vary based on the attainment of the class/pupil and the demands of the subject in S4.


Every pupil in S1 and S2 will experience a broad range of subjects across all curricular areas. These subjects are:

Maths, English, Science, Business Studies, Art, Geography, Modern Studies, History, Home Economics, Modern Languages, Music, Physical Education, Religious and Moral Education, Social Education and Technology.

Information on these subjects and their BGE courses can be found by clicking on the department link tabs.

Learners will be delivered lessons based on the experiences and outcomes from the Curriculum for Excellence and they will also be exposed to contextualised learning linked to the world of work, which will incorporate 'meta-skills 4.0' and aspects from the careers education standard. Underpinning all of the above is the overarching focus on the four capacities, of course.


The CfE benchmarks will be used to assess and report on pupils progress. The image at the top of this page displays the level expected for pupils' age and stage. Both summative and formative assessment methods are used to identify pupils BGE attainment across all areas.

The assessment judgments made by staff will inform pupils where their strengths lie and these should be carefully considered when choosing subjects, courses and the level of presentation at the end of S2 and S3.


At the end of S2 pupils will select 8 subjects to continue learning in S3. Maths and English are mandatory subjects along with Core PE, RME and Social Education. Pupils will continue to challenge their depth of knowledge and understanding in their chosen disciplines but there will be an emphasis placed on preparing for certification in S4.