James Shannon
Subjects Studied:
Standard Grade - Maths, English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Modern Studies and one other.Higher - Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Modern Studies.S6 - Chemistry and Biology
From school I went to Aberdeen University and studied marine and fisheries biology. After a couple of part time research jobs I ended up working for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency as a regulator and then as a policy officer helping write regulatory guidance. I left SEPA after a few years and found myself working for an international waste management company, who specialised in oil industry waste, providing regulatory advice and developing their environmental management system.
This led on to several jobs within the oil and gas / energy industry working for a drilling company and several major operators - all in roles around environmental regulation, management and improvement.I now work as an environmental consultant working for multiple energy companies and regulators.
Education provides you with an increased range of opportunities for you to decide the path you want to take. The education that I progressed through Millburn did not define where I have ended up, life is far more complicated than that, but it did open the doors that I passed through."
Julia Duncan
Subjects Studied:
Geography, Music, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, German, Maths, English.
After working in retail and a brief stint acting, I completed a BSc in Environment and Heritage Studies and have been working as a Countryside Ranger ever since.
I have assisted N4 and 5 Ecology field trips and help people engage with and learn about the environment, as well as, leaving heavily on Biology, I also use practical skills on a daily basis.
Antonia Miller
Subjects Studied:
S3/4 - Standard Grade: Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, History, French, Graphic Communication, Art & DesignS5 - Higher: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Graphic Communication, EnglishS6 - Adv Higher: Maths, Physics, Higher: Art & Design, Geography
I left Millburn in 2014 and went on to study Mechanical Engineering at Heriot Watt University. This degree provided in-depth theoretical aspects into engineering as well as practical work through design and lab work and let me design and implement creative design solutions to distinctive problems found in engineering systems.
I realised during my undergraduate degree I loved the manufacturing and design aspect of the course which helped me decide to go on and study a Masters in Design Engineering at the University of Strathclyde. My masters year involved working on the design process of products from initial concept generation through to final manufactured solutions. The project work let me get experience in the industry and I even got to work with a team from Jaguar Land Rover for the year.
Since I graduated in 2019 I have started a graduate placement as an Innovation Analyst at High Speed Two working to bring innovative solutions into the project. This job is so interesting as these solutions are for a wide range of applications from finance to engineering to ecology, all of which improve the project to become more sustainable! This is such an important aspect in design, engineering and in the rail industry as large projects like this can influence the future of low carbon travel in the UK and around the globe.