Tracking, Monitoring & Reporting (TMR)

Parent/Carer Engagement Update

Working in partnership with parents/carers as we recover from the impact of COVID-19 is more important now than ever before. We remain committed to improving our engagement with all key stakeholders and in light of this we have made improvements to our tracking, monitoring, reporting and parents evenings format.

We have written an overview of what we track, the key dates for your diary and an explanation of the responsibilities of teaching staff, pupils, parents/carers, Guidance teachers and Year Heads. We are also introducing a digital pupil/parent/carer engagement booklet to support this process, which will play a vital part in supporting your engagement as parents and carers with your child's learning and progress. You can view specific year group examples of both of these documents below;

S1 - S1 TMR Overview S1 Pupil/Parent/Carer Engagement Booklet

S2 - S2 TMR Overview S2 Pupil/Parent/Carer Engagement Booklet

S3 - S3 TMR Overview S3 Pupil/Parent/Carer Engagement Booklet

S4 - S4 TMR Overview S4 Pupil/Parent/Carer Engagement Booklet

S5 - S5 TMR Overview S5 Pupil/Parent/Carer Engagement Booklet

S6 - S6 TMR Overview S6 Pupil/Parent/Carer Engagement Booklet

Over the next few weeks, we will share an individual copy of the booklet with you, your child, their Guidance teacher and our Careers Advisor. Please engage with this as fully as you can and ensure we have an up to date email address so you can receive this information and your child’s reports throughout the year.

We have also made further improvements to our Senior Phase (S4-6) TMR format. These changes were planned pre COVID and are even more relevant following the attainment process we have all experienced this year. A summary of these changes are available from the link below.

Senior Phase (S4-6) TMR - summary of changes 2020/21