Lockers are handy for storing school books, folders and anything else you choose.

The lockers are located on the ground floor (level 1) and first floor (level 2). The main areas for lockers are the upstairs social area and downstairs in the foyer.

If you want a locker (you don’t have to have one) you are allocated a locker, you don’t get to choose which one you get. It will cost you £10 to rent a locker, £5 of which will be refunded when you return your key and also if your locker is still in good condition.  If you lose your key you have to pay £5 for another one.

You are not allowed to draw or write on your locker as when you return the key, someone else will have to use the locker after you. You can only get your books out of your locker before registration, at break and lunch and after school. You should not go to your locker in between classes.

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