What clubs are there in Millburn?

  • At Millburn there is a large variety of clubs that you will be able to take part in.
  • These clubs include Sporting clubs and various other clubs.
  • Sporting clubs include- Badminton, football, hockey, table tennis, basketball, gymnastics, Rugby and cheerleading.

Some of the Non-Sporting Clubs are

  • Debating, where a teacher presents a question and the club is organised into people arguing for and people arguing against the idea.
  • There are also clubs for Drama, scripture union, recycled crafts, eco community, gardening, photography,  the school choir and various other music groups, a book group and film club for Geographical movies.

When do the Clubs take place?

  • The clubs take place at lunchtimes, after school and even at night time or the weekend.

Clubs are a great place to meet new people, both teachers and pupils, and to try out new things.

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