There are lots of toilets throughout the school, each clearly labelled with the years allocated to the toilets.   If there are any pupils that shouldn’t be in the allocated toilets, you should either tell someone or ask them politely to go to the correct toilets.  The reason for this is that pupils should be spread out so there is less chance of a mess.

1st/ 2nd Year- 1st level (ground floor).

3rd/ 4th Year – 2nd level (first floor)

and 5th/ 6th Year – 2nd level (first floor)

There are also separate toilets for teachers and disabled pupils and staff, but these are out of bounds to most pupils.

The PE department also has a toilet in each of the 9 changing rooms.


If you need the toilet during class, you will need to ask politely for the teacher’s permission. If they allow you to go, you will need to sign the “Toilet Sheet” before you leave the class. These sheets register who is out of class at a particular time in case there is a fire or an incident within the school or toilets.  Teachers don’t like you disrupting the class to go to the toilet and they would prefer if you went during either break or lunch. Normally, teachers will not allow a pupil to go to the toilet straight after lunch or break.

You can’t go to the toilet between classes unless you have permission from a teacher.

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