What topic areas are covered?

The topics covered in S1 are:

In S2, the topics covered are:


When will your child be assessed?

During each topic, there will be regular assessments to check that your child is learning vocabulary. For the most part, main assessments for each unit will take place towards the end of each topic.


How will my child be assessed?

There are 4 key skill areas in learning a foreign language and various ways to assess them.

Speaking:      presentations (solo/pair/group)

conversations (with teacher or peer)

role-play (with teacher or peer)

Listening:      listening to peers presentations and asking/answering questions

listening to spoken French and answering comprehension questions

Reading:       reading written French (e.g. poems, stories, magazine articles, texts) and completing comprehension activities

Writing:        using their knowledge of French to write an article in the French language (e.g. story, poem, fact file)


How can I help my child?

There are many ways in which you can help your child in learning the foreign language even if you have little or no knowledge of it yourself.

  • ensure they revise their class work
  • ensure they spend at least 15 minutes 3 times a week learning words (look, cover, write, check or you say the English, child says the French)
  • ask your child to tell you what they have learned in lessons
  • ask your child to explain what they have learned (what vocabulary means, a grammar point)
  • ensure your child uses linguascope (please ask us for the login and password)
  • sign the grammar sheets and vocabulary lists to show that your child has learned the words/phrases (see below)
  • sign/comment on the feedback sheet