Break, Lunch and Canteen

There are two breaks in the school day. Morning break lasts 15 minutes and is from 10:05 – 10:20. Lunchtime is from 12:30 – 13:25.

At any time during the school day you can only eat downstairs, with food bought from the canteens diverse menu or home packed lunches. No food may be consumed in the social areas upstairs. The canteen is on your right as you walk in the front entrance and serves a variety of food.

During break time you can buy crisps, toast, juice, sandwiches, fruit and occasionally cakes if you’re lucky! Millburn Academy promotes healthy eating and provides plenty of fruit and milk.

At lunchtime there are two different queues –  one for the deli section, where sandwiches, soup and baked potatoes are made to your requirement. There are also pre-packed sandwiches here.  Join the other queue for hot meals and pasta king. At lunch you’re also free to go home or to go to town.

Paying for your food is pretty easy as you use your National Entitlement Card. There are two machines where payment is made onto your card, one upstairs which only takes coins and is situated near to the social areas and main stairs. The second machine is situated near the vending machines and accepts both coins and notes.

After you’ve munched on your lunch you’re free to go to social areas or outside for some fresh air. There are a variety of clubs for you to attend, which you will hear about later.

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