Registration and Assembly

  • The first bell rings at 8.40 – this is when a day at Millburn starts. The first bell indicates that you have to go to your first class.
  • Another bell then rings at 8.45. A register is taken at each class you go to during the day.  During the first lesson the teacher will let the office know who is missing from school.  If you are late for school, you have to sign in at the reception desk and then go to your class as quickly as possible.  You will be given a punishment exercise from your class teacher for being late.  It is important to arrive at school on time so that you do not disturb a lesson for the other pupils and the teacher, and so that you don’t miss a part of a lesson.  If you are persistently late then you will be referred to a member of the School Leadership Team.
  • At 10.20 each day you will go to see your tutor for 10 mins.   They will show you the daily notices and hand out or collect in any letters or forms.  The daily notices are shown every day in your tutor time. They tell you everything that will be happening that week.
  • If you have been off the previous day, then you will have to get your parents to write a letter to your tutor to explain your absence.
  • In your tutor group there will be approximately 4 pupils from each year.  There should be at least one pupil from your former Primary school.
  • You will be with people from your own house.  The houses in Millburn are:
    • Ashie
    • Moy
    • Ruthven
    • Garth
    • Farraline
  • Assemblies are held in the school hall.  Sometimes a whole year meets for assembly.  Often it is a house meeting where you will have assembly with all the people in your house ( approximately  220 pupils) from all years.
  • There is usually an assembly once a month.

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