Layout of the School

Although Millburn Academy is much bigger than your current Primary school, it is very easy to find your way around.

Millburn Academy has 3 floors or levels.

On the ground floor, level one, is the canteen, reception / office, janitors’ office, PE department, technology department, home economics, PSE, guidance and senior management offices.  All classrooms on this floor start with the number 1.

On the first floor, or second level, you will find Maths, Computing, Business Studies, Geography, History, Science, Psychology and Philosophy, Music and RME.  All these classrooms start with the number 2.  The staffroom and Computer technician are also on this level.

On the second floor, level 3, are Art, English, Gaelic and Modern Languages.  All these rooms begin with the number 3.

The numbers on each level start with 1 and go up in order.

Room 201 is room 1 on the second level.  Room 116 is on the 1st level and is room 16.  Room 309 is Room 9 on Level 3.

Where will you find these rooms 311, 209, 110?

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