Genetics and Reproduction

By the end of the topic I should be able to:

1.            Can prepare slides and view them correctly using a microscope.

2.            State that all living things are made up of cells.

3.            Identify and state the function of the main parts of a plant cell and animal cell.

4.            State the differences between a plant and animal cell.

5.            State the variety and function of other specialised cells.

6.            Label a diagram of a flower showing the male and female parts

7.            State that in plants, fertilisation occurs when male and female cells called pollen cells meet female cells called ovules to make seeds.

8.            State that eggs are female sex cells and sperm are male sex cells.

9.            State two differences between egg and sperm cells

10.          State that the developing embryo is protected in the womb

11.          describe the function of the placenta in providing oxygen and food and removing waste

12.          describe the difference between continuous and non-continuous variation

13.          explain the role of chromosomes and genes in inheritance

S1 Genetics and reproduction Folder sheets