Eco Millburn

Eco-Millburn or just Millburn?

We are striving to achieve a school where learning and living sustainably is just normal for everyone.  A green flag doesn’t define this but it will allow us to track our journey and help us decide if what we are doing is enough and having a lifelong impact for our school community.

Sustainability is about having a deep understanding of our place in the world and living to the full in all respects without having a negative impact on other people or the environment.

It involves everyone and every child has the right to be educated in a way that gives them the tools to do this.

We are tracking our progress under the ten topics of eco-schools.

The action plan spreadsheet has a section for each topic.  Some of our previous actions are included.  The S1 year group are currently conducting this year’s review.

Action Plan 2014-15

Our progress will be apparent through the school blog, newsletters and assemblies.

Please get in touch with myself, Karen Marshall, if there’s anything you would like to get on board with.

So far…