Chemistry year plans 1718


Here are a few general interest chemistry sites to browse, when you have a few minutes spare time, showing how chemists are still taking every substance around us and making them just a little more useful than they started: The Royal Society of Chemistry World

How we might be able to power the entire UK from the sun (seems unlikely in Scotland, but read more to find out) :Have you seen the light?

The Royal Institution, the chemical home of blowing stuff up with educational content :  The Ri

Dropped your phone down the toilet? Maybe you should’ve sprayed it with this first :SuperDry (not the shop!)

Lastly, a couple of famous chemists on twitter.  From BBC Dara O’Briain’s Science Club Mark Miodownik and a writer for BBC science shows: Andrea Sella

And finally, maybe the Mythbusters have found some things you might be able to try at home.   Ask Mr Hay for more details on this episode.

Sun symbol.svg  Crescent.svg  Jupiter symbol.svg   Mercury symbol.svg A.K.A. the chemistry teachers