Home Economics – Standard Grade

Course outline

The Elements of the Course are Knowledge and Understanding, Handling Information and Practical and Organisational Skills. Within these, candidates will develop a number of skills prescribed in terms of seven Course objectives, which must feature in the Course.

In addition, three areas of activity, or contexts, are identified as providing a means of structuring a range of relevant experiences within Home Economics and, therefore as forming a basis for the Course by including aspects of content, skills and attitudes. These contexts are: Health, Materials and Resources, and Individuals and Families.

For purposes of certification, the Course must include essential knowledge extending over the three contexts, derived from the following statements:

  • eating a variety of foods contributes to good health 
  • current dietary advice should be considered in relation to good health 
  • individuals have varying dietary needs 
  • cleanliness is important in relation tohealth 
  • safe practices are important in the use of resources and procedures 
  • design features are an important consideration in the choice of materials and equipment 
  • individuals and families have different physical needs 
  • management of personal and household expenditure depends on priorities 

The essential knowledge will be assessed only in terms of the Element Knowledge and Understanding, although it will be used as a basis for aspects of the assessment in the other two Elements.