Hospitality Int 1


The course in Practical Cookery is designed to offer development of practical skills and understanding appropriate to food preparation and cookery. It will enable candidates to:

• develop an understanding of hygienic food handling

• plan their work to integrate practical skills

• develop their skills in food preparation techniques and cookery processes

• identify equipment used in food preparation and cooking

• gain knowledge of the terms used in food preparation techniques and cookery processes.

The course has been designed primarily as a practical course and aims to provide the development of techniques and skills required for food production appropriate to hospitality situations. The aims include:

• provide the knowledge equivalent to that required for the R.E.H.I.S. Elementary Food Hygiene Certificate in order for successful students to gain dual certification/an industry recognised qualification

• the development of organisational skills required in a practical kitchen

• to become competent in food preparation techniques

• to carry out a range of cookery processes.

The benefit of achieving this course award is best summed up as follows:

• the practical nature of all the units contained within the course provides the development of craft and practical skills

• the recommended integrated approach within and across units provides an insight to working within the food production section of the hospitality industry with many processes happening simultaneously

• the course helps to develop numeracy, communication and planning skills.