S3 Chemistry


The aim of this year is to build on the third level Science developed in S1/2 and allow learners to attain fourth level experiences and outcomes for Chemistry.

 For more details on Curriculum for Excellence levels go to the SQA website, cfe sciences.

After studying Chemistry in the context of general Science many pupils enjoy the chance to study the subject to greater depth using high quality resources with teachers whose background is specific to the subject.  Our third year course is intended to build an awareness of the importance of Chemistry in everyday life but also be sufficiently challenging to make pupils aware of the academic rigour that is needed to take the subject further.

The main topics covered in the year are:

Reaction Rates A look at simple chemical reactions and how to follow the progress of reactions.

Atom Gaining an understanding of the structure of atoms and how they join.  Begin to connect the properties of substances with their possible structures.

Organic Explaining the formation and use of fossil fuels with discussions on the responsible use and conservation of finite resources.

Novel materials Research into novel materials (ceramic, polymers etc.)  The science behind their properties and possible impacts they may have on society.

Metals Using experiments to look at the reactivity of metals and how this can be applied to battery technology.  Further expanding this to look at current developments in batteries and the impact they may have on society (for example:  hydrogen fuel cell technology)


Homework is issued approximately once every two weeks with a variety of questioning and research tasks.  Each topic has a summative test which will be commented on in the November S3 report alongside how well they have settled into the subject.

S3 homework booklet


Next year pupils may choose National 4 or National 5 in Chemistry or pick up these qualifications in S5/6.    The third year parents evening in March will allow a chance to discuss which level would be most appropriate for your son or daughter.  We will not be offering a national 4/5 class so it is important that pupils use this year wisely to if they wish to pursue National 5 in future.  The S3 report will give an indication if a learner is not achieving their potential.