Planet Earth

A First year science unit which allows learners to learn about and explore the resources from our planet.


Planet Earth folder sheets

Car speed homework  Corrosion homework  Candles homework

Planet Earth Study Guide   Learning Outcomes


By the end of this unit you should:

be able to use a timing device such as a stopwatch

know a unit of time (seconds, minutes or hours etc)

know that time taken for a pendulum to swing depends on its length

know that electro statically charged objects can be attracted  together, or if made of the same material will repel each other

know that static electricity will flow through a conductor as an  electrical current due to the movement of electrons

know that a solution conducts electricity more easily than pure water

know that a coil of wire carrying an electrical current can behave like a magnet

be able to describe the formation of igneous and sedimentary rocks

be able to describe some benefits and methods for recycling aluminium and steel cans

be able to describe the basic motion of the planets in the solar  system

be able to describe the planetary significance of a day and a year

.be able to describe some supporting evidence for the possibility of  extraterrestrial life