S1 Senses and Communication

One of the five S1 units, Senses and Communication allows learners  to investigate the physics and biology of communication.

Senses and Communication folder sheets

S1 Senses homework 1

Knowledge Objectives

By the end of this theme pupils should be able to:

1.       state that all sounds are produced by vibrations

2.       state that the brain receives signals from the senses and controls the body.

3.       state that sound can travel through solids, liquids and gases but not a vacuum.

4.       describe how the speed of sound can be measured

5.       state that high pitched sounds have high frequencies and low  pitched sounds have low frequencies.

6.       identify the main parts of the ear (ear drum, small bones, cochlea and nerve to the brain)

7.       explain the functions of the main parts of the ear.

8.       state that we see objects when light reflects off them and reaches our eyes.

9.       identify the main parts of the eye (pupil, iris, lens, retina, nerve to the brain) .

10.     explain the functions of the parts of the eye.

11.      use a circuit diagram to represent a simple electrical circuit .

12.     state that a resistor reduces the current flowing in a circuit.

13.     state that resistance depends on the material of the conductor.

14.     state that resistance increases with the length of the conductor.