Craft & Design

The Course:

The Standard Grade Craft and Design course involves designing items, making them and evaluating the results.  The aim is to make pupils capable of working independently and the projects are selected to suit both boys and girls.

The course involves pupils in thinking, writing, drawing and sketching; it requires knowledge of materials, tools and processes as well as craft skills.  At the end of the course, each pupil designs and manufactures a major item.

Pupils identify what is to be made, investigate exactly what the intended product should be able to do, decide on suitable materials, develop ideas for the design, and plan how to produce the item.  Finally, they make the item and judge how successful it is.  Pupils are expected to keep a design folio containing notes and sketches of what they have done and what they intend to do.

As a design-based subject, Craft and Design provides pupils with the opportunity to develop awareness of how people can and do influence the design of all kinds of things in their surroundings.  Pupils’ practical application of designing and planning requires organisational skills that can be usefully employed in later life.

Assessment and Certification:

Work is assessed on performance in three course elements:

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Designing
  • Practical Abilities

Knowledge and Understanding are assessed by written examination set and marked by the Scottish Qualification Authority.   Question Papers are offered at three levels: Foundation, General and Credit.   Pupils normally attempt the questions at the two levels best suited to their ability as shown in class.  

The teacher using assessment standards assesses designing and practical abilities and these are then checked by SQA.


This qualification will be useful to any person hoping to enter industry or to those who wish to continue their studies towards a qualification in Designing.