Graphic Communication

The Course – The Standard Grade Graphic Communication Course introduces both girls and boys to the diversity of presentation methods used in modern drawing and product illustration.  The course aims to improve the pupils’ ability to communicate effectively using drawings, sketches, flowcharts and colour illustrations.

During the course the pupils will develop ability to:

  • use computer aided graphics and draughting.
  • read and interpret a variety of types of drawings.
  • a range of draughting techniques, including formal drawing board skills.
  • organise and represent information graphically.
  • produce desired effects through the considered use of colour.

Assessment and Certification:

Work is assessed on performance in three course elements:

Knowledge and Interpretation

  • Drawing Abilities
  • Illustration and Presentation

Knowledge and Interpretation and Drawing Abilities are assessed by examinations set and marked by the Scottish Qualification Authority.  Question papers are offered at three levels, Foundation, General and Credit.  Pupils normally only attempt the questions at the two levels best suited to their ability as shown in class.

Illustration and Presentation is assessed by the teacher, with assessment standards checked by the SQA

The Prospects:

This qualification will be useful to those pupils who are interested in careers such as architecture, surveying, draughting, engineering, design and marketing.