Physical Education at Millburn Academy is taught by five full time members of staff, Mrs K Russell (PT), Mrs S Patience, Mrs C Cumming,Mr G High and Mr D Jarvie.

Mission Statement
It is the intention of the PE department to transform any sport or activity into an educational experience, providing a safe and supportive environment that caters for each pupils needs whilst encouraging them to develop to their full potential.

Aims of the Department

  1. To provide the pupils with the skills and knowledge, to understand and provide all the activities undertaken in the department to the best of their abilities
  2. To help pupils appreciate the benefits of regular, enjoyable exercise for personal well being
  3. To provide the pupils with the basic movement patterns that will equip them for lifelong participation
  4. To develop understanding, co-operation, tolerance and an ability to work with others through participation in activities
  5. To expose the pupils to a wide variety of individual and team activities
  6. To offer pupils the opportunity to undertake the study of physical education as an examinable subject