Physical Education at Millburn Academy is taught by seven members of staff- Mr Jarvie (Acting PT), Mr S Scott-Woodhouse, Mr Wilson, Mr C Scott-Woodhouse, Mrs Brown, Ms Mustard & Mr McNab.

Mission Statement
It is the intention of the PE department to transform any sport or activity into an educational experience, providing a safe and supportive environment that caters for each pupils needs whilst encouraging them to develop to their full potential.

Aims of the Department

  1. Develop Practical Performance
  2. Develop knowledge and understanding of how to improve performance levels
  3. Increase awareness of social, emotional and mental factors and how they contribute towards successful development
  4. Provide pathways for sport outside school and lifelong physical activity
  5. Ensure a fun and motivating environment for all
  6. Celebrate and recognise achievement


Please follow the department on @MillburnPE for regular updates about curricular initiatives, sharing positive practice, extra-curricular clubs and pupil achievements.


What courses do the PE department offer?

s1-3- Broad General Education Phase

Pupils will be taught a wide range of activities covering all of the skills and significant aspects of learning. All pupils have will have access to their google classroom where they will self-evaluate and set targets at the end of every block.

S3 National Preparation

Pupils can select this course in S3 in addition to their core entitlement. This will increase their performance levels in a more challenging environment whilst also beginning to look at the mandatory knowledge required for the National4/5 course in s4. A worthwhile course that will give pupils a head start prior to undertaking national 4/5 in s4. More information is available in the course link.

National 4/5

A continuation on from the s3 national preparation course. Pupils will combine both the practical and theory elements of the course and will be credited with an award at the end of the academic year depending on the level. Assessment breakdown- One-off performance (40%), Course assessment task (20%) & Portfolio (40%). More information is available in the course link.



Pupils will develop the ability to understand how mental, social, physical & emotional factors impact on performance in detail. They will be able to gather data, select appropriate approaches to develop performance and monitor and record performance development across the four factors. Improving practical performance is also a key aim of the course across Football, Hockey, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball and Gymnastics. At the end of the academic year pupils will be credited with an SQA award depending on the result of their one-off performance (40%), course assessment task(20%) and their final exam(40%). More information is available in the course link.

National 5 Sport and Recreation

Pupils will get to experience the four areas of the course both within the practical and classroom setting. The course is designed to give the candidates the necessary foundation to move into the Sport and Recreation industry for employment after school. More information is available in the course link.

Higher Sports Leaders

This course will equip pupils to develop their leadership skills within the sport setting and prepare them for a possible career within this industry after school. Although this course is specifically tailored to sport, many of the personal skills and qualities in focus are completely transferable to many aspects of daily working life or further study. More information is available in the course link.

National 4 Preparation for the Uniformed and Emergency Services

Those who select this course will increase their knowledge of the various roles and responsibilities within the industry. In addition, key life skills, working in teams, engaging with the community and improving confidence and self-esteem are a significant focus throughout the year  in order to prepare them as fully as possible for a potential career in the uniformed and emergency services. More information is available in the course link.