Science subjects at Millburn Academy are managed as a faculty with a common first and second year course then separate subjects from S3 onwards.  Staff are  Mr M Crawshaw (PT) , Mr I Miller, Mr C King, Mr F Rafique, Miss H Stirling, Dr E Borthwick, Mr A Hay, Mrs C Findlay, Miss C Gibb, Mrs J Oates, Mrs T Ferguson

Drakies Primary science visit by S3 pupils

We went on a trip to Drakies Primary School for the science week on 15th March.  We had to teach the P4-7 science in sports. There were 5 stations each with different problems. We had to explain the science and have the p4-7s solve the problem.
The first problem was to do with aerodynamics and friction. The groups had to find which clothing was best suited for an athlete to run in. We then used trolleys with action figures wearing different sized capes to see which was fastest.
The second problem was where we had to see what shoe would be best for running in. They had to measure the force in Newton’s and what materials were best for running as well.
The third problem was about diet and what to eat and what not to eat. The primary pupils had to see what calories that were in the food pictures we were given. Mr Crawshaw showed every year group that came in an experiment about the energy in food which involved exploding cornfour!
It was a great experience and we would like to do something like this again, the pupils from Drakies seemed to enjoy it all. It was a good way to boost our confidence and develop our communication skills.
body parts

card sort




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