S4 National 4/5

S4 Physics year plan 2015 16


Assignment websites

This PDF file lists websites with data for National 5 Physics assignment research.  If opened on this computer it will allow you to follow the hyperlinks just by clicking rather than typing them out!

Assignment website list

The SQA have released a file http://www.sqa.org.uk/files_ccc/PhysicsSQPN5PPGuidance.pdf which details all the relevent past papers.  If opened electronically hyperlinks take you to the correct past paper from the SQA website!


George Watson’s College Summary notes.  For use by Millburn pupils only – not for further distribution.

Millburn N5 Physics Waves and Radiation

Nat 5 Physics Dynamics and space

Millburn Nat 5 Physics Energy

Millburn Nat 5 Physics Electricity


National 5 Physics BBC bitesize

This popular revision website has been rewritten for the new qualifications



Past Paper booklets these are all ‘old’ questions not available on the SQA website.

int 2 2000 to 2002

Int 2 physics 2003 to 05

Int 2 physics for N5 2003 to 05 answers

Int 2 Physics 2006 to 08

INT 2 2006 to 2008 for N5 Physics Answers

H Phys 2002 07 N 5 Gas Laws

Gas laws answers from higher 2002 to 07

Credit Level Physics 2004 to 06

Credit Physics for N 5 2004 to 06 Answers

National 5 Data handling questions

National 5 Physics open ended qns