Standard Grade

Geography is for everyone

Although your teacher has given you a recommended level in Standard Grade this is an estimate based on S1 and S2 work. The final decision as to which level of exam you sit will only be taken late in S4 when your teacher has a much better idea of how you have performed during the course.  Geography is a challenging subject and there is a great deal to learn but if you keep up to date and listen carefully then you will enjoy the course and achieve a good result.  There will normally be several classes for each Standard Grade year and this allows candidates to be taught in a class working at a pace which suits them.

Click the link below to view a powerpoint showing you a taster of the Standard Grade Geography course.

Standard Grade Geography powerpoint

Note:  If you are unable to view powerpoint presentations, you can download PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft.

Click here to download a document which will provide you with a more detailed outline of the Standard Grade Geography course and information regarding possible careers using Geography.