Keith Gray Visit

Keith Gray visit 30th September 2009.

We were delighted to welcome the Book Trust Author in Residence to the library where he held two workshops, one for S2 pupils and the other for our two S1 book groups. All pupils had watched a podcast made by Keith prior to the visit and the book group members had also read a variety of his books in preparation for the visit.

Keith was a really interesting author – willing to discuss his work, his time at school, his favourite authors and novels, what inspires his writing, in fact anything that his audience asked of him!

His workshops led pupils to think about and starting to write their own stories. He got the book groups to make up a short poem / story by using no more than 5 word answers to questions he posed. S2 started a short story by writing down descriptive adjectives and swapping them around.

One pupil said that it was good to have a young male author to show that writing and English is not just for grumpy women who try to make you read all the time.

Another said that it was “an awesome experience”.