S3-4 Course description 

Unit 1 – Scotland and Britain 1830s-1930s

Unit 1 covers topics such as:

Population growth and distribution – including the reasons for growth, Highland Clearances and Irish immigration.

Technological change and its effect in Coal mining, Railways and Farming.

Health and Housing in both towns and country

Parliamentary reform including the Women’s Suffrage Movement


Unit 2 – International Cooperation and Conflict 1890s-1920s

Unit 2 covers topics such as:-

The Causes of World War 1 – The Great Powers/The Alliance System/The Naval Race/Trouble in the Balkans/Sarajevo and the outbreak of War

War on the Western Front – Trench Warfare/Battles/New technology

The Home Front in Britain and in Germany

The Treaty of Versailles and The League of Nations

Unit 3 Germany 1918-1939

Unit 3 topics include:-

The end of World War 1 and its effects on Germany/The Weimar Republic

Attempts to overthrow the Weimar Republic – Spartacist Revolt 1919/Beer Hall Putsch 1923

Economic Problems – Hyperinflation Crisis 1923-24/Effects of the Depression 1929-33

Formation and growth of the Nazi Party – Hitler coming to power 1933-34

National Socialism in Power -Treatment of the Jews /Youth Movement/Education/Militarism

Opposition to National Socialists – Socialists/Communists/Churches


Standard Grade –  Useful Web Links

Bitesize for Britain – Health and Railways

Bitesize for WW1 topic

Bitesize for Germany topic

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