S1/2 Science


S1 Science year plan 1718

S2 Science year plan 1718


S1 intro for parents 2016


All S2 pupils watched a presentation by British Aerospace and the RAF one class collated their comments in a shared google doc:




Sugar and Diabetes talk

On Wednesday 24th August Professor Ian Megson of the University of Highland and Islands visited to speak to science classes 2Q and 2T about “The evils of sugar”.  Both classes enjoyed the talk and had these comments on the Professor’s subject:

  • It was very scientific and very interesting
  • I realised how much difference there is between type 1 and type 2 diabetes and the symptoms of both.
  • It was amazing how much sugar there can be in a tiny portion of food or drink. I learned that some ‘healthy snacks’ are way less healthy than a regular unhealthy drink in terms of sugar per 100g.
  • I learned a lot about the pancreas is vital to our body and insulin production. I learned what happens to the liver when you are diabetic.
  • I now know the difference between hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia.
  • I understand why Lifescan’s monitors are so important to some people.

Now that we have university research on our doorstep the science faculty hopes to have much greater contact and work with the university on other projects and hopefully research.


S1&2 Science classes working hard.

S1 class carrying out an investigation into what affects the time for a pendulum to swing.