SQA Examinations 2017 – Preparation Information

Please find attached letter which will be available to all S4 – S6 pupils week beginning 20th March 20017 – from reception. NB Updated 20.3.17 with additional Physics sessions.

Pupils studying subjects at National 4 level only or a mixture of National 4 and National 5 subjects,  must see their Year Head to confirm their arrangements for the SQA exam period.

Easter Study Programme 2017 Update 20.3.17

This letter confirms start and end dates of the SQA examinations and information re additional study support being offered by some staff during the Easter break.  This will be updated should any further sessions be added.

Please note that during the month of May, pupils can pre-arrange slots to meet staff to address study issues during school hours – normally at previously timetabled times.  Please do not expect staff to be able to leave other classes or duties.

Please contact Mr MacLean re any queries relating to this letter.

G MacLean, 17.3.17