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Higher trip to Pitlochry Festival Theatre

On the 17th of June our Higher class got the opportunity to see behind the scenes at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre as well as a matinee of one of their summer shows: ‘Improbable Fiction’ by Alan Ayckbourn.


We got to see where they keep the sets and how they manage to put on 2 different shows in one day and be ready with 6 different shows for the summer season.

We got to see some of the costumes and even try out a quick change! We got to chat to some of the people in the wardrobe department and got a peek at an actress getting her costume fitted.

Getting to see the quick changes we tried, in the show gave us an appreciation for what the actors have to do and what the designers need to take into account when designing.

Support Millburn’s Chutney Challenge

Millburn Academy is launching an exciting new initiative to engage pupils and the wider community with the benefits of growing and using local produce. The project will be led by the Home Economics along with Business Education and Additional Support Needs department.

Ticking boxes across the curriculum with connections to farming, sustainability, history and enterprise, the project has been given a £3000 grant from the Education Scotland Food for Thought Education Fund.

Linking with Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink 2015, part of the project involves the Chutney Challenge where pupils will design and make chutney based on local, fresh ingredients.

Pupils will grow some of the products themselves in Millburn’s greenhouse but the school is looking to engage with local farms and people in the community who grow fruit and vegetables to help provide and showcase the diverse range of local produce available.

All money raised for the sales of the chutneys will go to the Poppy Scotland Appeal.

Teacher Rita Karikas said “We are really pleased to be launching this new initiative in the school and are very grateful to Education Scotland for supporting us with a grant. The sustainability of food is something that we cannot ignore and we are well placed in the Highlands to take advantage of the abundance of natural, fresh produce. We are looking for people to donate and surplus home grown produce at the beginning of September to help with the project – whether this is fruit like apples and plums or tomatoes or root vegetables.

Headteacher Gavin MacLean added “This is an excellent opportunity for the staff and pupils in Millburn to work effectively together towards a really worthwhile goal – hopefully engaging with members of the Inverness community to develop skills and knowledge in an innovative way.

If you are interested in donating produce please contact Millburn Academy directly.

Link to pupil healthy eating site

Information for parents and young people regarding healthy eating habits and research.