School Uniform

Millburn has a wide variety of uniform for both girls and boys. It is only available from the National School Wear shop in the town centre.

Uniform is compulsory at Millburn.

Wearing the uniform helps people identify you as a Millburn pupil, it also helps with putting a stop to strangers entering the school. Also it looks smarter than wearing causal clothes to school. You should be proud to be known as a Millburn pupil.

The new Millburn emblem, a flame, was introduced in 2007, along with a whole new style of clothing.

For girls there are black and white T shirts including the Millburn emblem, also available in a v-neck style top and a tartan skirt, designed specially for Millburn.

For the boys there are black and white T shirts. There are also ties, hoodies and fleeces for both girls and boys.  All clothing, apart from the skirt and tie, has the Millburn emblem on them.   You must wear either the tie or something with a logo on it.  The school colours are black, white, red and yellow.

S5 and S6 pupils wear blazers as they are our seniors.