Career Opportunities/Pathways

Current Vacancies/Opportunities in the Local Economy

Employment opportunities will be regularly shared on the school twitter page – @MillburnAcademy. In addition, we encourage pupils and parents/carers to view the twitter page @DYWICH for further advertised opportunities.

Another useful platform is the  The ‘High Hope’ website ( which is a directory based, learning resource highland council website with information regarding careers, opportunities, volunteering and new initiatives accessible for young people considering leaving school. It also offers self-assessment questions which can assist young people with their decisions including staying on at school, further study, training, work and gap year volunteering.


Unsure about what you want to do post school and/or what subject choices to select to help you achieve your career goal?

Lorraine McGarry, our SDS careers advisor, is permanently based in Millburn Academy to support career choices and discuss employability pathways with our young people. Closely working with our Guidance staff, Lorraine will direct pupils on the right path based on career choices, academic qualifications and employability skills.

SDS and DYW staff will also be present at the S4 and S5/6 parents evenings in the social area to discuss any questions you may have. This will be in a ‘drop in’ format as and when you can across the evening.

Pupils can, if appropriate and necessary, request an interview with Lorraine outwith their entitlement interview slot via their guidance teacher or year head . If parents/carers are interested in attending these with their child then it is the young persons responsibility to share the interview time with them. In exceptional circumstances the guidance teacher or Lorraine may invite the parents directly.

Any queries that do not require a meeting can be directed to Lorraine Mcgarry (


Google E-Portfolio

Pupils will record their SDS careers interviews on their personal e-portfolio in their google drive. Parents/carers will have access to these notes along with their guidance teacher and staff, allowing all contributors to gain a more in depth understanding of the pupils needs and goals, but also for pupils to have a record of their discussion as a point of reference for future discussions or enquiries.  It is fundamentally important pupils keep these up to date.