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What is the ASN Department? Who is the ASN Department for?

The Additional Support Needs Department at Millburn Academy can help me when I have something that gets in the way of my learning.   This barrier to learning or learning need can be temporary or long term. The ASN Department will try to give me the skills I need.  They aim for me to achieve my potential and be independent in my learning.


How will my teachers know about me and my learning needs?

When I start at Millburn I will be given an ASN Link Teacher who will find about my learning needs. Teachers from my old school will tell the Millburn teachers the best ways to help me.

Sometimes things start to get in the way of learning. If I or my teachers notice, an ASN Teacher can look into this.  They will try to work out what it is and what can help.


Who knows my needs and can help me?

All Millburn teachers will be aware of my learning needs and how to help me. This information is treated as confidential so the teachers won’t single me out.  I have an ASN Link teacher, Guidance teacher and Year Head who can help me with all aspects of school life.

Pupil Support Assistants will also know how to help me and may be in some of my classes.


How will I be helped with my learning needs?

My subject teachers will use the strategies that help me. They will make sure the work is at the correct level for me.  They might provide additional materials such as write-on sheets, typed notes or provide a computer to use aids like reader software and spellcheck.

There might be Pupil Support Assistant or ASN teachers in my class. They try to make sure every pupil in the class achieves as much as they possibly can.


How can I use ICT to help me?

ICT can be used in lots of ways to overcome barriers to learning:

Hand writing need: I can use a computer to type longer pieces of work. Speech to type software is also available.

Spelling need: spellcheck can be used.

Reading need: I can use a screen reader e.g IVONA to read the text from the screen to me.


What is Tutorial?

If I need a lot of help with my learning I can have Tutorial. In S1 & S2 this is instead of another subject. In S3 to S6 I can choose it as one of my subjects.

Tutorials are taught by ASN teachers in small groups and focus on Literacy, Numeracy, Health and Wellbeing and ICT to support learning. I will make targets for myself based on my learning needs.  I will be given work to help me achieve my targets. Teachers will also help me with any subject work, revision or homework.


What else is taught in the ASN Department?

In the Senior Phase I can choose courses such as SQA Personal Development, ASDAN Bronze/Silver/Gold, Transition or Employability Award.

The Hub is part of the ASN Department. Pupils who have learning disabilities are given places here.  Pupils in the Hub have a personalised timetable and are taught some subjects in the Hub and some in mainstream classes.


Where can I go in my own time? What can I do?

At break or lunch I can come to the ASN department; room 117 is a quiet place where pupils can meet. Room 110 is for Hub pupils and their friends. There are also lots of lunchtime and after-school clubs on each week such as the Lego/comic club, space club, sporting activities and chess.


What happens in exams (when I have learning needs)?

When something gets in the way of my learning, the school can ask the SQA for an assessment arrangement. This means that I can still show my knowledge, skills and understanding.


What is an assessment arrangement?

An assessment arrangement might be something like using a word processor with spellcheck for someone with a spelling need, enlarged text for someone with a visual impairment or extra time for someone with a handwriting or reading need. At Millburn we use what works in class.  We want pupils to be as independent as possible during exams so that when they leave school they know what to do to help with their learning need.


How does Millburn do Assessment Arrangements?

  • The teachers are told about my barriers to learning and things that might help.
  • The ASN team will investigate any new concerns about barriers to learning and make sure that the information they have about my learning needs is up to date.
  • I will be encouraged to try these things in class to see what works best in each subject.
  • My subject teachers and I will discuss what works in class and what I’ll need for the exams. This might be different depending on the subject and what the exam is like.
  • The school then arranges for this to happen for all my formal assessments, the prelims and my final exams.
  • The school has to follow the SQA Guidelines very closely.


More information:

Here are links to the SQA website.

Pupil guide:     http://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/files_ccc/AA_CandidatesGuide.pdf

Parent guide: http://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/files_ccc/AA_GuideForParents.pdf

EAL guide: