ASN Assessment Arrangements

What is an assessment arrangement?

An assessment arrangement might be something like using a word processor with spellcheck for someone with a spelling need, enlarged text for someone with a visual impairment or extra time for someone with a handwriting or reading need. At Millburn we use what works in class. We want pupils to be as independent as possible during exams so that when they leave school they know what to do to help with their learning need.

How does Millburn do Assessment Arrangements?

  • The teachers are told about my barriers to learning and things that might help.
  • The ASN team will investigate any new concerns about barriers to learning and make sure that the information they have about my learning needs is up to date.
  • I will be encouraged to try these things in class to see what works best in each subject.
  • My subject teachers and I will discuss what works in class and what I’ll need for the exams. This might be different depending on the subject and what the exam is like.
  • The school then arranges for this to happen for all my formal assessments, the prelims and my final exams.
  • The school has to follow the SQA Guidelines very closely.Here are links to the SQA website.

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