Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education at Millburn Academy is taught by eight members of staff- Mr Jarvie (Acting PT), Mrs Brown, Mr Durkin, Ms MacKenzie (Probationer), Ms MacLeod, Mr Scott-Woodhouse, Mr Slavin (Probationer) & Mr Wilson.

Mission Statement

It is the intention of the PE department to transform any sport or activity into an educational experience, providing a safe and supportive environment that caters for each pupils needs whilst encouraging them to develop to their full potential.

Aims of the Department

  1. Develop Practical Performance
  2. Develop knowledge and understanding of how to improve performance levels
  3. Increase awareness of social, emotional and mental factors and how they contribute towards successful development
  4. Provide pathways for sport outside school and lifelong physical activity
  5. Ensure a fun and motivating environment for all
  6. Celebrate and recognise achievement


Please follow the department on @MillburnPE for regular updates about curricular initiatives, sharing positive practice, extra-curricular clubs and pupil achievements.