S4 National 4

National 4 Mathematics Course Summary

National 4 Mathematics in a Nutshell


The S3 and S4 courses are shown in the tables below. By clicking on a topic link (in blue type) you open a PDF document. This gives a brief summary of the topic and a selection of interactive resources that can be used to consolidate the skills required for the topic.




August – October

Scale Factors

pdf icon Scale FactorsSummary

Changing the Subject of a Formula

pdf icon Changing the subject of a formula summary


 Revision for Assessment

N4 Relationships Assessment






October – December

Area of 2D Shapes

pdf icon Area of 2D Shapes Summary
pdf iconArea of 2D Shapes Practice Questions

Patterns & Relationships

pdf icon Patterns & Relationships Summary
pdf iconNumber Patterns & Formulae Practice Questions

Rotational Symmetry

pdf iconRotational Symmetry Summary





January – March


pdf icon Volume of Solids Summary

Surface Area

pdf icon Surface Area Summary


 Revision for Assessment.

N4 E & F Assessment


Revision for

AV Unit

PAPER 2 – Calculator Paper

Area of 2D Shapes Practice Questions

Distance, Speed & Time Practice Questions

Equations Practice Questions

Number Patterns & Formulae Practice Questions

Probability Practice Questions

Pythagoras Theorem Practice Questions

Scattergraph Practice Questions

Trigonometry (SOHCAHTOA) Practice Questions

Added Value Assessment



Textbook Answers

National 4 Textbook Answers Chapters 1 to 15

National 4 Textbook Answers Chapters 16 to 24

National 4 Textbook Answers Chapters 25 to 30

Course Summary & Self Assessment

Pupils will be issued with a copy of this booklet in S1. They should use the booklet to self assess their understanding of each topic as they progress through the course. The booklet can also be used as a checklist to aid pupils in their preparation foe assessment.

Course Summary and Self Assessment Booklet


Your teacher will issue you a revision booklet for each assessment. The answers for these books can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Revision Booklet

N4 AV Revision Booklet

Revision Booklet Answers

N4 Numeracy Revision Booklet ANSWERS

N4 Expressions and Formulae Revision Booklet ANSWERS

N4 Relationships Revision Booklet ANSWERS

N4 AV Revision Booklet ANSWERS


Pupils may be asked to complete an exercise that has been started in class.

In addition to this a homework exercise will be issued at the end of each topic. These exercises may be computer tasks or written exercises. The written exercises will be marked by the class teacher. Pupils must make sure that they hand in all homework on time.

S4 National 4 Homework Booklet

Useful Websites

Mr Graham has produced video tutorials to help with a range of topics.



SUPER MATHS WORLD – Play against the computer or another player. Test your skills in number, algebra, shape or data.



THAT QUIZ – Practice for integers and fractions.



COOL MATHS 4 KIDS – Maths lessons, puzzles and games.



MATHS IS FUN – Maths lessons, worksheets, puzzles and games.



BITESIZE – View the lesson, try the quiz and play the game.