CfE Advanced Higher Maths



The Advanced Higher Course extends learners’ mathematical knowledge in algebra, geometry and calculus. It includes matrix algebra, complex numbers and vectors and formalises the concept of mathematical proof.

Advanced Higher Mathematics emphasises the need for candidates to undertake extended thinking and decision making, to solve problems and integrate mathematical knowledge. The course offers candidates, in an interesting and enjoyable manner, an enhanced awareness of the range and power of mathematics.

Entry to the course

This is at the discretion of the school, but you would normally be expected to have attained a pass in the Higher Maths Exam.

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Course Outline





Differentiation 1

pdf iconDifferentiation 1 Summary

Euclidian Algorithm and Number Bases

pdf iconDivision & Euclidian Algorithm & Number Bases Summary

Matrices & Gaussian Elimination

pdf iconMatrices and Gaussian Elimination Summary





August – October

Binomial Theorem

pdf iconBinomial Theorem Summary

Differentiation 2

pdf iconDifferentiation 2 Summary

Differentiation Problems in Context

pdf iconDifferentiation in Context


pdf iconVectors Summary





October – December

AH Unit 1 Assessment


Partial Fractions

pdf iconPartial Fractions Summary icon 2


pdf iconIntegration Summary

Complex Numbers

pdf iconComplex Numbers Summary

Differential Equations

pdf iconDifferential Equations Summary





January – March

AH Unit 2 Assessment


Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences

pdf iconSequences & Series Summary




pdf iconProofs Summary

MacLaurins Series

pdf iconMacLaurin Series Summary


pdf iconFunctions Summary

AH Unit 3 Assessment


Formulae List


Advanced Higher Formulae in the Course


To gain the overall award students must pass an asessment at the end of each unit as well as an external assessment.

The SQA external exam is a 3 hour paper, a calculator may be used in the exam.

In January pupils will sit a prelim exam that coveres units 1 & 2. Pupils will also sit a top-up prelim prelim in Arpil, this will cover a range of topics from units 1, 2 & 3.

Course Summary

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Past Papers & Marking Instructions

 Exam Paper

 Making Guildelines

2017 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2017 AH Maths Marking Instructions
2016 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2016 AH Maths Marking Instructions
2015 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2015 AH Maths Marking Instructions
2014 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2014 AH Maths Marking Instructions
2013 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2013 AH Maths Marking Instructions
2012 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2012 AH Maths Marking Instructions
2011 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2011 AH Maths Marking Instructions
2010 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2010 AH Maths Marking Instructions
2009 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2009 AH Maths Marking Instructions
2008 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2008 AH Maths Marking Instructions
 2007 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2007 AH Maths Marking Instructions
2006 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2006 AH Maths Marking Instructions
2005 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2005 AH Maths Marking Instructions
2004 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2004 AH Maths Marking Instructions
2003 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2003 AH Maths Marking Instructions
2002 Advanced Higher Maths Exam 2002 AH Maths Marking Instructions

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