Whats happening in History?

February 2018

As part of the Britain 1851 – 1951 Unit, Higher History classes have studied the reasons why women were granted the right to vote.  Before this day one hundred years ago, no women were allowed to vote in parliamentary elections. On 6th February 1918 – The Representation of the People Act was passed giving women aged over 30 and “of property” and all men over the age of 21 the right to vote. In 2018 we have a female Prime Minister and female MPs.  It’s important to remember the campaigns for female suffrage and a place in politics.










December 2017

S1 group work and castle building in History this week as part of their Medieval Scotland Unit. Peer assessment of castles and evaluation of group work to follow after Christmas holiday. A very enthusiastic and creative effort all round.



Nathan Laird (S6) and Harris Salter (S5) Millburn Academy’s Holocaust Educational Trust Ambassadors 2017-2018.  The pupils have completed three of the four part course, Lessons Aushwitz Project, organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust and Millburn History Department.  This included a recent trip to Aushwitz Concentration Camp in Poland.  Whilst they were there the pupils took part in a very memorable ceremony held next to the destroyed crematoria.  The ceremony included pupils lighting memorial candles and readings, one of which Harris read.


The pupils are currently working on their next steps project to share what they have learnt with their peers and the wider community.  The focus is on raising awareness of the Holocaust and challenging prejudice and racism today.


What’s happening in History?

S3 pupils have been working hard to develop their research skills in order to produce their own life-sized William Wallace information posters as part of their Scottish Wars of Independence topic. Pop up to the department to see their colourful work!