Homework Policy

The History department feels that for pupils to make progress- homework is essential!   Homework helps pupils learn how to organise and manage their time, take more responsibility for their own learning, practice building on what they have learned in school and helps pupils learn to work independently in the future.

Pupils will always be given sufficient time to complete homework tasks and they are responsible for recording homework in their diaries. Pupils who fail to submit homework on time should submit their homework by the first bell the following morning.  Failure to do so will result in referral to the PT and a lunchtime detention.

Pupils in S1-3 will be issued homework on a regular basis. It is important to highlight that pupils have a responsibility for their own learning and if no formal homework has been issued by the class teacher, pupils should still be revising their class work on a regular basis. It is good practice for pupils to recap/revisit/summarise on a daily or weekly basis what they have covered in their new areas of learning.

Pupils in S4 will also be issued homework on a regular basis. This may take the form of Enquiry Skills questions or research/ writing up their Added Value Assignment.  S4 pupils are also expected to complete at least 1 hour of revision of their course work per week.

Pupils in Higher should expect ongoing homework in the form of note taking. Formal essay writing is set about every fortnight.  Including reading, preparation and writing each essay would take most pupils 2-3 hours to complete.  When Unit 3 is being studied the formal homework will be source evaluation questions.  Pupils are also expected to read various texts to broaden their knowledge of the topics studied.  Overall, it is expected that Higher and Advanced Higher History pupils spend 3 hours per week on their coursework at home.