Skills for Work – Construction

N4 Skills for Work – Construction Skills

Aims of the Course

The Course provides an insight into several important construction trades (bricklaying, decorative painting, carpentry and joinery, and plumbing) and covers a variety of skills in trades-specific Units — helping learners to make informed choices regarding a career in construction.

Learners will also develop skills and attitudes that enhance employability, not just for the construction industry, but employment generally (e.g setting goals, reflecting, and learning from experience).


  • Construction Crafts: Employability Skills
  • Construction Crafts: Half Brick Walling
  • Construction Crafts: Decorative Painting
  • Construction Crafts: Site Carpentry and Bench Joinery
  • Construction Crafts: Plumbing



Pupils will be given homework as necessary.


There will be short projects that will allow you to assess how you are getting on in the course. Assessment is based on a range of practical workshop activities, supported by assessor observation checklists and candidate self-checking. Throughout the course pupils will be assessed on their Employability Skills. In order to pass the course pupils must maintain a good work ethic, including timekeeping, a positive attitude, and other relevant employability skills.

To achieve an award in Skills for Work Construction, learners must pass all of the required units.

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This course will prepare pupils to undertake the following courses

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