N5 Practical Woodworking

National 5 Practical Woodworking Timeline

N5 Practical Woodworking

Aims of the Course

The aims of the Course are to enable learners to develop:

  • skills in woodworking techniques
  • skills in measuring and marking out timber sections and sheet materials
  • safe working practices in workshop environments
  • practical creativity and problem-solving skills
  • knowledge of sustainability issues in a practical woodworking context


Unit 1 – Flat-frame Construction (Tablet Stand)This Unit helps learners develop skills in the use of woodworking tools and in the preparation and production of basic flat-frame woodworking joints and assemblies. Learners will learn to read and follow simple woodworking drawings or diagrams.

Unit 2 – Carcase Construction (Kitchen Step)This Unit helps learners develop skills in the preparation and production of basic woodworking joints and assemblies suitable for use in carcase construction. This may include working with manufactured board or with frames and panels. The Unit includes the use of simple working drawings or diagrams.

Unit 3 – Machining and Finishing (Toolbox)This Unit helps learners develop skills in using common machine and power tools. It also helps learners develop skills in a variety of simple woodworking surface preparations and finishing techniques.


Pupils will be given homework as necessary.


National 5 – (Coat Rack) The learner will draw on, extend and apply the skills and knowledge they have developed during the Course. This will be assessed through a practical activity; which involves producing a finished product in wood to a given standard.

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Leads On To

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