N5 Practical Metalworking

N5 Practical Metalworking

Aims of the Course

  • skills in metalworking techniques
  • skills in measuring out and marking metal sections and sheet materials
  • safe working practices in workshop environments
  • practical creativity and problem-solving skills
  • an understanding of sustainability issues in a practical metalworking context


  • Bench Skills – This Unit helps learners develop a range of metalworking hand tool skills including bench-fitting work, routine sheet-metal work, and measuring and marking out.
  • Machine Processes – This Unit helps learners build the students measuring and marking out skills and to develop skills in using common metalwork machines, equipment and related processes.
  • Fabrication and Thermal Joining – This Unit helps learners develop skills in fabrication, forming and joining of metalwork components with some complex features.

These topics will be covered by manufacturing the following products – Toolbox, Marking Gauge, G-Clamp, and Mini Bench Vice.


Pupils will be given homework throughout the year to help keep up with the theory side of the course. The Knowledge and Understanding part of the course equates to 30% of the students overall grade and is measured through an end of year written exam.


National 5 – The pupils will draw on, extend and apply the skills and knowledge they have developed during the Course. This will be assessed through a practical activity; which involves producing a finished product in wood to a given standard. This practical activity equates to 70% of the students overall grade.

Students will then complete an end of year exam that will test their knowledge and understanding of basic workshop practice, tools and machinery and materials. This equates to 30% of the students overall grade.

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Leads On To

This course will prepare pupils to undertake the following courses;

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