N5 Practical Metalworking

N5 Practical Metalworking

Aims of the Course

  • skills in metalworking techniques
  • skills in measuring out and marking metal sections and sheet materials
  • safe working practices in workshop environments
  • practical creativity and problem-solving skills
  • an understanding of sustainability issues in a practical metalworking context


  • Bench Skills – This Unit helps learners develop a range of metalworking hand tool skills including bench-fitting work, routine sheet-metal work, and measuring and marking out.
  • Machine Processes – This Unit helps learners build their measuring and marking out skills and to develop skills in using common metalwork machines, equipment and related processes.
  • Fabrication and Thermal Joining – This Unit helps learners develop skills in fabrication, forming and joining of metalwork components with some complex features.

These topics will be covered by manufacturing the following artefacts – Toolbox, Engineers Square, Sliding Bevel, candle Holder and G Clamp.


Pupils will be given homework as necessary.


National 5 – (Clock) The pupils will draw on, extend and apply the skills and knowledge they have developed during the Course. This will be assessed through a practical activity; which involves producing a finished product in wood to a given standard.

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Leads On To

This course will prepare pupils to undertake the following courses

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