N5 Design & Manufacture

N5 Design and Manufacture

Aims of the Course

The aims of the Course are to enable learners to develop:

  • skills in the design and manufacturing of models, prototypes and products.
  • knowledge and understanding of manufacturing processes and materials.
  • an understanding of the impact of design and manufacturing technologies on our environment and society.



The Course consists of three main aspects; Design, Practical and an Exam.  Pupils will create a design portfolio based around a given design brief, they will then Manufacture a one off model of their design for the practical element. These two sections are worth roughly 55% of their overall mark so success in this is extremely important.

Finally they have the exam, this will test their knowledge and understanding of basic workshop processes, testing knowledge of tools and correct working practice. It will also test knowledge of materials, manufacturing processes, environmental impact and commercial manufacture.

Design: Over the course of the year students will complete a series of Design Tasks that will help prepare pupils for the assignment folio at the end of the year. 

Practical: Pupils will complete a series of basic woodwork joints, a Small Box and our Desk Architecture project. These projects are designed to help students understand a broad range of workshop processes along with giving them the experience they need to complete the practical aspect of the assignment.

Materials & Manufacture: Pupils will learn about the different materials out there alongside the manufacturing processes used in industry. They will learn about materials and manufacture to prepare them for the exam.



Pupils will be given homework at regular intervals. This homework will be related to the topic of work that they are undertaking at the time and will also act as useful revision for the final exam.


Revision Textbook

            Leckie&Leckie National 4/5 Design and Manufacture Course Notes

                Highland SLWG – Design and Manufacture Course Notes

 Useful Web Links

TechnologyStudent.com                              www.technologystudent.com

Leads On To

This course will prepare pupils to undertake the following courses

Higher Design and Manufacture