Higher Design & Manufacture

Higher Design and Manufacture

Aims of the Course

The Course provides learners with opportunities to develop:

  • Research skills
  • Idea generation techniques
  • The ability to explore and refine ideas
  • The ability to communicate design ideas and practical details
  • The ability to evaluate and apply both tangible and subjective feedback
  • The ability to devise, plan and develop practical solutions to design opportunities

This course requires students to answer questions properly, using the same sentance structure techniques they learn in english. It is because of this increased importance on structured answers that this subject is often useful in further education applications.


Design and Manufacture: Design (Higher)

This Unit covers the processes of product design from brief to resolved design proposals and specification. It helps learners develop skills in initiating, developing, articulating and communicating design proposals for products. It allows them to develop an appreciation of design concepts and the various factors that influence the design and manufacture of products.

Design and Manufacture: Materials and Manufacturing (Higher)

This Unit covers the processes of product design from design proposals to prototype. It allows learners to gain skills in planning and making models and prototypes. It allows learners to consider the manufacturing techniques and processes that would apply to a design proposal in an industrial/commercial context.


Pupils will be given homework at regular intervals. This homework will be related to the topic of work that they are undertaking at the time and will also act as useful revision for the final exam.


Assessment will be through a combination of an assignment and a question paper.

The response to the brief will include a finalised design folio. The brief for the assignment, which will cover a range of key design factors, will be sufficiently open and flexible to allow for personalisation and choice. The question paper introduces breadth to the assessment. It requires depth of understanding and application of knowledge from the Units including material properties and methods of mass manufacture.


Revision Textbook

            Leckie&Leckie Higher Design and Manufacture Course Notes

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