S3 Enterprising Craft

S3 Enterprising Craft

Enterprising Craft is an S3 Course primarily focusing on developing woodworking skills whilst providing an extra enterprise incentive. Students are charged a small fee for material and are encouraged to sell their finished products in an attempt to make a profit, which they get to keep for their efforts. Below is a link to the course structure and the length of time students will have to complete projects.

S3 Enterprising Craft Course Outline

Course Skills

  • Practical Skills
  • Health and Safety in the workshops
  • Develop safe and competent use of hand tools
  • Develop safe and competent use of various pieces of woodworking machinery
  • Manufacture Artefacts to given briefs
  • Manufacture Artefacts in Wood and Plastic
  • Produce well finished models
  • Other Skills
  • Creativity, flexibility and adaptability
  • Independence and Resilience
  • Enterprise
  • Confidence
  • Responsibility and Reliability


Kitchen Roll Holder                                          Designer Clock

Small Table                                                        Deck Chair

Bathroom Rack                                                 Nest of Tables


Pupils will be given homework at regular intervals. This homework will be related to the topic of work that they are undertaking at the time.


Assessment will take place throughout each project as well as at the end of each topic.

Leads On To

This course will prepare pupils to undertake the following courses;

N4/5 Practical Woodworking                       N4/5 Practical Metalworking