S3 Engineering Science

S3 Engineering Science Course Outline

S3 Engineering Science

Course Skills

  • Engineering Skills
  • Develop knowledge of structures
  • Develop knowledge of forces
  • Develop knowledge of gears and pulleys
  • Develop knowledge of Pneumatics
  • Develop knowledge of Electronics and Electrical circuits
  • Develop knowledge of Programming Mechatronic devices
  • Other Skills
  • Creativity, flexibility and adaptability
  • Independence and Resilience
  • Confidence
  • Responsibility and Reliability


  • Electrical Bread Board design
  • Circuit Board Construction and Soldering
  • Bridge Building
  • P Basic Programming
  • Teentech Award Competition


Pupils will be given homework at regular intervals. This homework will be related to the topic of work that they are undertaking at the time.


Assessment will take place throughout each project as well as at the end of each topic.

Leads On To

This course will prepare pupils to undertake the following courses

N4/5 Engineering Science